Our wild rags are Made in America with foreign fabric.   We have searched extensively for a silk fabric sourced in the US or North America but most of the thread and silk fabrics are made outside of the US.  Our search continues for silk fabrics from the US or North America but for now we do our best to source from fabric stocks already in the US purchased from American Company’s and especially vintage stock in limited supply.  In some cases, we have located fabrics that are out of print and limited supply -as little as one yard of fabric left in the world!
We are experimenting with technical fabrics made in the US and Barry Compliant.  We are currently running prototypes and will call on working cowboys and cowgirls to test these rags for us very soon.  We know fabrics other than silk are not traditional for wild rags but they might be worth giving them a try -AND they would be American made with American sourced fabric -100%
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